In this episode I chat to Dr Tom Flanagan about his research career merging the fields of tissue engineering and cardiovascular research. He talks to me about his research experience in Germany, his work on umbilical cord tissue (including his own sons tissue!!) and how this work could drastically improve the surgical landscape for infants with congenital heart defects. 

Tom also talks about his passion for teaching, how he could have been Galways answer to the next Marty Morrissey and how research is like 'being in a relationship'.

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Welcome back to Season 2 of Unravelling Science! 

In this episode I chat to Prof Christine Loscher about her research into immune health and nutrition in DCU. We discuss the impact of your immune status on overall health, how we can mine & harvest immunomodulatory agents from our food and what supermarkets may look like in the future. Christine also chats about the importance of mentors in academia and asking for help along the way. 

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This season is kindly sponsored by Bio-Sciences Ltd.

In this episode I chat to Trinity immunometabolism guru Dr Dave Finlay about his research into nutrients & metabolism, immune cell function and tumour microenvironment, particularly focused on Natural Killer and Dendritic cells. He also chats to me about his time in Dundee under the supervision of Prof Doreen Cantrell and the stressful 'lag period' between postdoc and PI. He also talks about his new found love of baking since stepping back from the lab!

This episode marks the end of Season 1. Season 2 of Unravelling Science will return in mid September 2020.


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In this episode I chat to Harvard researcher Dr Evanna Mills about her career to date in the field of immunometabolism, her experience as a PhD student under the supervision of Prof Luke O'Neill and her recent work on thermogenesis. She also discusses working on mouse models in the lab, what it was like growing up with two of Ireland's most prominent scientific researchers as parents and her feelings on coming back to Ireland in the future. 

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I chat to my supervisor Prof Ursula Fearon about her career in Rheumatology and the extremely translational research her lab conducts, constantly feeding back to the clinicians and patients. We chat about the benefits of studying interactions between cells in the joint and recent work on arthritis in children with Down Syndrome. Ursula also chats about the ups and downs of academia and how being a PI can often be similar to being a therapist. 


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In this episode I chat to UCD PhD researcher Sean Mooney about life in astrophysics and his research into plasma jets that are released from black holes in distant galaxies using the LOFAR radiotelescope. We also chat about life as a PhD student, stand up comedy and why hes probably not cut out to be an astronaut. 


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Prof Cliona O'Farrelly chats to me about her career in liver immunology and the past and present research in her lab on liver metastasis and Hepatitis C virus. She also discusses the many mentors she has had along the way and gives me some great advice and insights into how to 'make the career suit you, rather than you suit the career.' 


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Dr Michael Monaghan chats about his fascinating bioengineering research into regenerating cardiac tissue using biomaterials and stem cells. He discusses the implications of using 'a heart on a dish' to test drugs & model disease and how academia isn't too different from working in hospitality.

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Prof Luke O'Neill chats to me about his prolific career in inflammation and immunometabolism. He also talks about his love of autonomy in academia - 'you aren't working for the man' and how his weekly radio slot on Newstalk with Pat Kenny turned into two published books with a 3rd on the way. 

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In this episode Dr Sharee Basdeo chats to me about her research into the emerging field of innate immune training and the cross-talk between immune cells in the context of infectious diseases such as TB. She also talks to me about the 'creative freedom' she has in the lab, how shes a 'life-long learner' and how 'no nature paper is going to come close to the achievement of becoming a mother'

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