In this episode Dr Sharee Basdeo chats to me about her research into the emerging field of innate immune training and the cross-talk between immune cells in the context of infectious diseases such as TB. She also talks to me about the 'creative freedom' she has in the lab, how shes a 'life-long learner' and how 'no nature paper is going to come close to the achievement of becoming a mother'

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Dr Ciaran Fairman chats to me about his career, from his dreams of being a professional soccer player in Finglas to his current research into the benefit of exercise in cancer management. He also talks about moving to rural Kentucky at 18 and how finding exercise science changed his life.


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In this episode I chat to Dr Andy Hogan about the obesity epidemic in Ireland and how this impacts inflammation and immune function. He discusses the strategies his lab are investigating to combat this. Andy also tells me how he 'doesn't see research as work' and chats about his previous kickboxing career.

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In this episode I speak to Dr Annie Curtis about her fascinating research on circadian rhythms and how modern lifestyle is causing a disruption to our body clocks leading to a number of chronic inflammatory diseases. She also discusses the 'poetry and magic' in getting things right in academic research.

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Welcome to Unravelling Science, the podcast where Dr Megan Hanlon listens to the stories that shaped the science. In this episode Dr Mary Canavan speaks about her career in immunology, the translational aspect of her Rheumatology research & juggling academia and family life. 

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