Dr Elizabeth Wayne, assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University is my guest this week. She chats to me about her fascinating work on immunoengineering in the context of cancer, how 'everything we need to fight cancer is inside our body' and how her research works to harness this. Throughout this episode Liz uses some  hilarious analogies to describe complex immune events - find out why macrophages are like that person in your friend group you think is kind of useless until they're not there and why you want the B-cells at your party!

Liz also chats to me about growing up in Mississippi, why its so important to have different people asking the scientific questions even if the 'pipette doesn't care what gender/race/sexual orientation' you are and why the inaugural #BlackInImmunoWeek this week is so important.

So delighted to bring out this special episode to mark #BlackInImmunoWeek and celebrate diversity in academia!

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